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CD 7701

Close Your Eyes
Women Jazz Composers
Thomas George, piano and Michael Kaupa, trumpet/flügelhorn

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Selected Critical Acclaim

ITG Journal, September 1997
“This album of music by women jazz composers is a welcome addition to jazz recordings.”

“Kaupa has excellent intonation and tone on the flugelhorn”

“Kaupa . . . delivers a stylistically homogeneous solo that displays excellent technique and extended lines.”

Cadence, March 1996
“What's important is that women are getting credit for a group of tunes that not many of us would guess were all written by women.”

“These tunes are played faithfully and affectionately”

“Kaupa concentrates on melody, symmetry, and beauty of tone rather than macho displays of speed, volume, and pitch. Especially on flugelhorn, he has that nice fat sound that people like Art Farmer and Tom Harrell have perfected.”

“just what the doctor ordered.”

Fanfare, January/February 1996
“an effective, serious performance”

“consistently well played”

“Kaupa and George manage to capture the spirit of these older songs while still seeming roughly up-to-date.”

Mesa Tribune, December 15, 1995
“The arrangements--all instrumental--spare and clean”

The Sacramento Bee, October 1995
“jazz arrangements by an excellent trumpet and flugelhorn player, Michael Kaupa, and a solid pianist, Thomas F. George”

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